Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The Return of the Blogger!

Yes I am aware of how dramatic the title sounds, imagine some powerful Wagner-esque music bellowing in the background as I scream out the title. Now at least it is related to what I'm posting about; I'm back baby and now everyone (the 3 of you who have actually read this blog) can enjoy some new posts.

I went over the old stuff, edited a few bits and pieces and have decided to write again. Why? Well to be honest, it is because of the TV Series 'Californication'. Yes, I am fully aware that I am way behind on the trend, but I've recently come to enjoy what can only be described as humorous soft porn. Anyway, I thought the main character, Hank Moody (a writer who constantly finds himself depressed and as he says, "drowning in a sea of pussy) wrote (writes?) or at least thinks in a very similar way to myself which has motivated me to write some new posts.

Now I (unfortunately) cannot make the claim to be drowning in a sea of pussy (all though that doesn't seem too unfortunate; we all get our fair share and it seems that after the 7 millionth girl, their is hardly anything left to enjoy. How Hank can keep up such a sex drive is beyond me), however I do like to think of myself as balancing intellect with wilderness. I want to be the guy who is educated, smart, knowledgable but I also want to be the guy who kicks back with his guitar and cranks out some tunes while drinking a beer. Somewhere between geek and chic if that doesn't sound too cliché.

What have I done since I last posted? Well I started a music solo project ad will be recording and self-releasing my first EP this summer (Check out: www.fvgmusic.co.uk). I also wrote a book last summer, a high-fantasy novel. Unfortunately I'm beginning to lose hope as I believe that my characters lack uniqueness and substance. We'll see though. Other than that it's been same old same old apart from the fact that I'll be going to india in 2 weeks time as a volunteer (actually something really exciting!).

Right well this might not be too interesting or informative but I can;t have a comeback without the necessary announcement. I do have a lot of ranting and raging on my mind concerning the subject of posers. I could go into much detail but how about we leave that for another day? Good.

- Ferdi.

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