Saturday, September 3, 2011

Who is Perry? - A bit of silliness.

This Blog might intend on helping people and being serious, but we all need a bit of silliness in our lives.

As I told you, Perry is just a "Nickname" I'm using. If you wanna see the real Perry (AKA Pear, Kung Fu Peanut, Roopie, Peewee, Pippin, Pip', Snoofoo and many more), then look no further. Here he is:

Well there he is. The only picture I had of him and I took it pretty late at night after he'd decided to declare my bed conquered in his name.

There is no moral to this story...I was actually gonna wait until I had 5 billion followers and then I would make it a national holiday and a world wide anticipated event, the unveiling of Perry. But I'M too impatient, what can I say?

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