Sunday, September 4, 2011

Where to take a guy or a girl on a date!

Right so I got an email from a certain David who had read my Blog and asked me a question I've been asked many times before; I've just asked this girl out and she told me to let her know when and where we should go, where could I take her?

I am obviously in no way a relationship guru (far from it unfortunately) but it sometimes aggravates me when people take a girl out and can only think of either going o the cinema or to dinner. The way I see it is that a girl has probably been to the cinema or dinner with a guy so many times before that you'd probably earn yourself quite a fe brownie points if you did something else.

Also, a big problem with the cinema is that if you go to see a shit film, you'll both have a shit time. So if you do go out to the movies, pick a good one at least (the guy who took his girlfriend out to pulp fiction when it cam out must have scored easily!).

Now for some frilly colours to grab your attention:

A guide on “where to go on a date”:

The Best Options Are Highlighted:

Where To Go On A Date:

1) The Movies, this is the most common place to go but it's one of the worst because it involves very little talking and interactions, I don't recommend it as a place to go on your first date

2) Go for a walk with your girlfriend/boyfriend, and get to know each other better (and do other stuff )

3) Go to the beach.

4) Go to a Restaurant or a cafe you can talk for a long time and enjoy a good meal.

5) Bowling, this is probably one of the best places to go, you can talk your "companion" and you have fun bowling.

6) A Picnic, this may sound stupid but if you do it right you could end up having a great time

7) Go to an Amusement park, the circus, the zoo 

8) Biking is good as well

9) Music Shows, whether in a real concert or in a pub/bar/cafe you could go see some nice gigs.

10) Invite her/him to your place, watch a movie together, listen to music, play a song for them, show them your music (if you write any)

11) Some other Ideas: Sailing (or any other boat), going for a drive around town, mountain climbing, hiking through nature, horseback riding (kind of rare).

- Perry.


  1. I went to a cinema for a first date before. Though I agree with the downside that you can't talk much during the movie, we did go for dinner straight after and then to a bar and walk around town, where we talked a lot. So I'd say a cinema date is fine when combined with other activities as well.

    By the way, very nice blog but I really dislike the yellow writing on the white background. In fact, I couldn't even highlight it on my blackberry to read :(

  2. Thanks for the comment! If you combine cinema with a walk after it's great! But very often, people go to the cinema and then go home which leads to them judging the date according to how good the film was.

    I will chane the yellow writing right away :)

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