Saturday, September 3, 2011


Over the past year I realised something; over-sensitive people are very annoying. Not only that but they are also more prone to negative feelings.

Here's an example: When I first got to Glasgow, I registered with a GP and applied for health insurance and all that. On the registration form I had the option to tick which organs I'd be ready to donate after my death. I ticked everything except for my brain...I don't know why exactly but to me the brain is what holds your entire being. Everything you've ever thought, felt, wished, been, could have been, would be is inside your brain and that's just something I'd rather not have cut up in to little pieces.

Anyway, fast forward a few months and I receive an NHS Organ Donor Card. On the card it said to keep it on me at all times, so that in case I din myself in a fatal accident, some doctor can come along and "harvest" my organs as quickly as possible.

I took the card out of the envelope in my kitchen and looked at one of my flatmates, sitting on the other side of the table with her cousin and her cousin's boyfriend. It was all quite silent so I thought I'd break the ice by saying, "Well this is kind of depressing....having a card in your wallet, reminding you that you could drop dead at any moment...". 

Now I'm pretty sure you would agree with me or at least understand what I mean. It is indeed quite depressing to have a constant reminder that at any moment, your number could be up.

Here's where "sh*t started to go down" as my flatmate's cousin starts arguing with me about how important it is to donate your organs speaking to me as though I was some evil, ill-mannered douchebag who wanted to greedily keep his organs and stuff them in decorative jars for the rest of eternity.

Later that day, the aforementioned flatmate had a go at me saying that I had deeply offended her cousin because one of her family members had died in the past after not receiving a needed organ.

Now I truly am sympathetic toward her feelings and loss but really don't see how I could have offended this girl. She acted out on me as though I was against organ donating whereas I'm obviously for it because I have the freaking card. This is what people do, they take some moral high-ground and force you to be the guy who's against donating organs even though i clearly am for it. I was just saying that the card is a tad depressing, that's all.

Now this is the problem with these sort of people. First of all, they're usually idiots because they either don't listen or misunderstand what others say or they deliberately chose to hear what would allow them to go absolutely apeshit. Secondly, they just cannot argue logically...they ALWAYS have to bring their emotions into these arguments and act hurt or offended even if the other person is making but a simple logical point that really isn't outrageous at all.

This brings me to an observation I've made, especially in the last few years: People love to be outraged, they love to be offended. Or at leas they feel a need to be so.

Apart from the fact that these overly sensitive people annoy the hell out of me, it makes me think how hard life has to be for them. Getting worked up all the time is stressful (and we all know that too much stress can significantly reduce life expectancy).

Moral of the Story:

Whenever you have an argument with someone, just calm down and hear them out and make sure you get what they're saying before going in to a hysterical fishwife tantrum. It makes your life and that of others so much easier and more pleasant.

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