Saturday, September 3, 2011

Making Life Perry!

Right well...What to say? 

Well maybe I should first make it clear tat I am not Perry, Perry is actually my dog's name, think of it as an adopted pseudonym if you will. The reason I picked this name? 

Well I started this blog a while ago thinking that I could help people and discuss things that make us happy and it just happened to be the case that my dog, Perry is not only always happy (he actually isn't, I see him become grumpier and more old-man-like every day) but his name also rhymes with Merry. So what seemed like a genius name at the time has become but an object of focus for my cynicism. 

I guess I could also tell you why I write...the obvious reason is that I enjoy it but the other reason is that sometimes you want to tell people things without actually having to spend time with them. I guess I just want to get my ideas out there, even if it means that only a couple of people ever get to see it. 

You'll have the pleasure of knowing that if you read this blog carefully, you'll get to know me better than many other who think to know me well (how exciting).

- Perry.

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